Swarm Removal

Is there a swarm of bees near you? don’t fear this is actually when honey bees are actually in their most docile state. Because they don’t currently have a home, and really have nothing to protect they are not likely to attack.

What is a swarm?

A swarm of bees, is when the old queen in a hive leaves with half of the worker bees in that hive to find a new home. This is the way honeybees reproduce.

Once they leave the hive all of the bees will gather in a cluster while some of the worker scouts will fly to find a new home. The clusters look like the image below, when the bees are in this state they are very easy to capture and relocate to a hive somewhere.

Bee swarm
Bee swarm on a branch


Bee swarm on a bike chain

If you are in the DC area,  we would be happy to come remove the swarm for free, simply email us at [email protected]